Patience (ugh!)

If you know me well, ok, even if you know me a little, you already know patience is NOT one of my virtues. I want to change things NOW. I want to be finished NOW. I want to see the results NOW. I’m not very good at being patient.

I’m trying to work on that. In fact, it’s my “new month resolution” for February. Too often when we lack patience, we give up before we ever see success.

I’m not convinced I buy into this whole thing of patience being a “virtue,” which by definition is a “moral excellence” or an “admirable quality.”  My need for patience doesn’t always relate to morals. And if I ever do get it I don’t think I should be admired for it.

what-you-want_24146858004_oI think patience is a learned behavior. Don’t misunderstand – it’s an important one – but it is learned through tests and obstacles. And I don’t need to be admired for acquiring it. Instead that will be an internal victory for me.

Bottom line we all need to remember is that if we develop patience, we can meet our long-term dreams and goals. I’ve seen that to be true firsthand in some areas of my life, and now I am applying it to all the other areas.

Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now. Be patient. It will be worth it!

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