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What They’re Saying About You

Social media has become such an integral part of our lives that many times we don’t give a second thought to what we’re posting, liking or sharing. I am constantly telling young people to consider what they put on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages because future employers may be looking. But what about those of us already employed or active members of society? Does it not apply to us as well?

Take a few minutes to look through your social media pages. Go ahead. Do it right now. I’ll wait. Ok just kidding – do it after you finish reading this! Here’s your challenge… look at the pictures you’ve posted over the past few weeks. Now look at the pictures your friends have posted and tagged you in.

Are you always at a party or holding a drink in your hand? Are you smooching on your loved one? Complaining about your aches and pains?  Worse yet, venting about your boss or co-workers? Sharing “questionable” jokes or cartoons?

Even though these activities and events may not define you in real life, they may online. Is that the image you want to portray? Do you really need to share EVERYthing you do, say or think? It’s hard sometimes to decide what to share and what not to. And sometimes we get wrapped up in the moment & agree with a “friend” complaining about the DMV.

But would you be a part of that conversation in front of your boss, preacher or in-laws? Maybe you just were. Because whether they “follow” you or not, what is online is permanent. And that isn’t just a lesson for teenagers and college students. Us adults could stand to remember it every once in a while too.

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