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The future starts today…

Like some of you, I had LOTS of time at home alone this past weekend because of the winter storm (did you know it had a name?? Helena…go figure!)  So that meant lots of time to think, reflect, plan and even brainstorm. I made it a productive weekend, in spite of the fact that I didn’t leave my house for three days!

One quote I stumbled upon over the weekend was by Pope John Paul II.  “The future starts today, not tomorrow.” That really spoke to me Saturday and inspired me to make some serious changes in my life. I can’t really share them with you yet, but as soon as they are in place, I will le2017-01-07-22-29-45t you all know. It’s gonna be big. EPIC even! I do ask for your prayers as I continue to work through some details.

What will you start today to change tomorrow? I can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for each of us! Thanks for coming along this ride with me.

Oh one more thing… I have a completely new website to share with you – I’ve been working on it for a few months and it’s finally live! Most of you know I am very active in Rotary… so be sure to visit www.rotarygeek.com to learn more about what I do. You’ll also get to meet some of the amazing Rotarians I meet all over the world in my new blog, Rotary Geek Of The Week! Take a look & let me know what you think?


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Life Is A Highway (ok, so that’s not original…)

When you travel as much as I do, you will inevitably take some wrong turns along the way. Even with the best directions, GPS, or even road map (yes, those still exist!), it will happen. Sometimes you may go around in circles. Maybe even get lost.  It happens. Well, not to me, of course, but I’ve heard it happens to some people! (Just kidding!!)

The same is true with our life. Sometimes we take a few wrong turns along the way. Maybe it’s choosing the wrong partner, the wrong job, even the wrong friends. It could be just one dumb decision that you’d like to do over again. (Boy do I have more than one of those!)

Maybe, just maybe, you find yourself constantly moving, but just going around and around and around in one big circle. Or perhaps you feel like you’ve come to a dead-end and don’t know how to get turned around.

Don’t even try to tell me you never feel this way. I feel this way all the time and I can’t be alone. But I’m not afraid to admit it. Life is hard, but I have good news, my friends…these aren’t dead-ends, they are just detours in life.

Everyone takes wrong turns along the way. The difference is how we respond to them. Because at eversecond-chance_24146876964_o.jpgy dead-end we face, we have a choice. Sit still and hope the situation changes, or turn around and start over.

And guess what, you always have a second chance and an opportunity to start over. It’s called tomorrow!

Hang in there friends…the weekend’s coming!! If you’re already dreading Monday, be sure you’ve signed up for my weekly motivational e-newsletter so it will arrive first thing Monday morning! Just go to www.tiffanyervin.com to subscribe to #FromPassionToPurpose!


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