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Create your own recombobulation area

What a great idea!!

Cynthia's Communique

One of the challenging parts of airport security is making sure you keep track of your personal items. You have to take off your shoes and jacket and place them in a bin. Your laptop needs to come out of the suitcase and into a bin. Your keys can’t be in your pocket. Your mobile goes into a bin, too.

Once you clear the checkpoint, you have to put it all back together. It leaves one feeling discombobulated.

20141229_134713 The Milwaukee airport features a Recombobulation Area (Photo by Cynthia Price).

At the Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, just past security, is an area that solves the problem. It’s the “recombobulation area.”

The sign hangs above the checkpoint. I saw it on a recent trip, and realized that I could use such a space at home and work.

Soon after the trip, I created the spaces, which enable me to put order…

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Meet a Member: Tiffany Ervin

Talking with Teri

I met Tiffany Ervin last fall when she showed up as our tour guide for a walking tour as part of our NFPW Conference in South Carolina. Did I mention she was wearing four-inch high heels all day for the walking tour? She was a great tour guide and it was a great experience. She showed off the first selfie-stick I had ever seen, so we posed for several photos during the day. Tiffany is always sharing her singing and speaking talents with others. I enjoy following her on social media — in part so I can see the great places she shares her talents and I look forward to seeing her weekly #TuesdayShoesday update. She is another unique and unbelievable NFPW member I am honored to call a friend.

Tiffany ervin Tiffany Ervin

Name:   Tiffany Ervin

City and State:  Flat Rock, NC

Affiliate and any leadership positions:

Media Women of…

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