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Live Without Limits

What would you accomplish if you had no fear? Would you be able to live without limits? We all have fears – for some of us it may be snakes or spiders, while for others it’s a little more complicated – like the fear of not being accepted or failing in love or business.

Unfortunately many times we never even face our fears. Maybe you haven’t had to (especially if you’ve never come across a snake inside your house like I did!! Yep…that guy was right in the middle of my kitchen floor last summer!) or maybe you just haven’t wanted to face them.


I’d like to believe I’ve faced a few of my fears. After all, I’ve gone zip lining, eaten Chinese food in China, and even quit a well-paying job to start my own business.

But those aren’t my only fears. I’m lucky that I don’t have a fear of flying or public speaking or being in front of a camera. And I recognize those are very real fears for a lot of folks. But I do have fears. Just because I may come across as confident and well-spoken doesn’t mean I’m not afraid. Hear me my friends…I am.

I’m afraid of roller coasters, water sports and fire. I’m afraid of not being good enough. I’m afraid of not having “happily ever after.” And I struggle every day with my fears. Someone called me out on this just recently & asked what I was afraid of….well I didn’t even know where to begin my list!

But just because we have fears doesn’t mean we should allow ourselves to have limitations. When we live without facing our fears, then we live with limits. And that’s unhealthy. So think about what YOU are afraid of, and how you can face it head-on. Maybe you can take a class, seek professional help, or as Nike says “Just Do It.”


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