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Keep Calm And…

Last weekend I planned to take a few days off to celebrate the 4th of July, but life doesn’t always go as we plan, does it?  I received a last-minute call to fill in singing God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch at the Asheville Tourists game on the 4th, & was excited to help out! Then they told me I was filling in for none other than Gladys Knight! Wow that seemed like a lot of pressure!

Then it turned out she was THERE! At the game! Sitting TWO ROWS in front of me before I sang! Talk about PRESSURE!  (See the photo at

I’m not normally nervous before I sing, but this was different! In the end, I did fine (she even complimented me when I returned to my seat!!), but it reminded me that we ALL get nervous SOMETIMES!

For some it may be public speaking, taking an important test, going on a blind date (or first date), having photos or videos made, leaving a job or hometown, starting a new business…there are all kinds of things that make us nervous!

But how we handle that nervousness is what sets us apart from others. Do you lose sleep, have physical pain (like a migraine), complain to those around you, prepare for the worst, stress out? Or do you have techniques you use that make the difference for you?

Some experts suggest these tips to alleviate nervousness: deep breathing, exercise (probably not the best choice if you’re getting ready to sing!), rest (get plenty of sleep the night before), practice practice practice (preparation really is the key to any big project!), prayer, and even have a “trusted advisor” (someone who can honestly evaluate you BEFORE your big event & offer constructive criticism.)

When all else fails, the one thing I can ALWAYS count on to give me confidence if I’m nervous, is to LOOK MY BEST!


Just being “made up” with appropriate hair, makeup and clothing can make you look like a million bucks even if you don’t feel like it yet. And yes, that goes for the guys too! Being clean-shaven with appropriate attire, jewelry and cologne can go a long way to making you feel better about yourself. And when you walk into a room and are complimented on your appearance, that’s a great start to any adventure!

But remember, it’s not about WHAT you wear as much as it is HOW you wear it. So next time you have a big project ahead of you, try the techniques above AND pick out your outfit the night before. You’ll be glad you did!







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