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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” What are you doing today, this weekend, or next week to change your future? I have a long list…

One of the things on my “to do” list (aka my “daily agenda” for those who have been following me for a while!) was to start a podcast surrounding my (not-so) famous line “Find your passion, and make it your purpose.” I finally got around to doing it as part of my #50for50 in honor of turning 50, but I decided to make it a “vlogcast” instead so you could see my conversations with all these amazing folks!

In this new series, I look forward to introducing you to people who are changing the world through their beliefs, actions, careers, volunteerism, families and more…

My first episode features HALF of my conversation with my friend Tara McClary Reeves. Yes… HALF of our conversation. What can I say? We are both talkers!

Tara hosts her own vlogcast on her YouTube channel so go be sure to visit there too! You can find her latest episode of #PointMeToJesus here!

I’m so grateful to Tara for spending time with me recently to share so many wonderful stories – you may recognize her father, Lt. Clebe McClary – and if you haven’t yet seen her lovely children’s book about growing up with Clebe as her father, I hope you’ll purchase your very own copy!

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#50For50 in 2020

2020. Some folks are calling this new year “visionary” – they want to “see things more clearly,” or “look at things differently.” All that’s true for me too, but I’m taking it one step further. This year, 2020 will be transformational for me.

By very definition, it means a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. And since this year happens to be a “big one” for me age-wise, there’s no better time than now to make some important, and dramatic, changes.

That’s right…2020 is the year I will turn 50 years old. How did this happen? Just yesterday, I was in my early 30s moving to NC to start a new life. And I did. And I have no regrets. (Ok, maybe a few, but I learned from them all and I’ve moved on, so we’ll skip right over those.) But seriously, how am I about to become 50 years old??

It just so happens, this is also when I will complete my “year of service” as District Governor for Rotary International District 7670. The first 6 months have flown by – how can this year be half over? So by the time my birthday rolls around in September, I’ll be known in Rotary as a “Past District Governor” (aka a “has-been”) and I will look back proudly on the things we accomplished, as well as those things we tried.

With my fellow #RotaryGeek friends, we’ll remember the laughs, the tears, the trials, the victories and even the disappointments.

So how do I top 2019? It was a remarkable year – I was installed as district governor, completed a 1- mile “Mud Run” obstacle course, interviewed the Governor of South Carolina, dressed up like a pirate, a Southern Belle and Cinderella, and flew across the country to share my passion for The CART Fund. I celebrated special occasions with friends and shared their heartaches. I loved deeply and laughed often. So how do you top that?

2019-12-31 20.23.04You just have to try. So that’s what I’ll do in 2020 by trying 50 new things before the year is out, and documenting them here and on social media with #50for50.  I have a few ideas to start, but the list isn’t completed yet. Hopefully you’ll share your ideas with me too – no promises though! I have a few goals of things to do – a yoga class (hopefully more than one!), a 5K (probably only one!) and skeet shooting, as well as places to go and people to meet.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey this year. My intent isn’t to brag about what I get done (there’s always the possibility I don’t finish it), instead it’s to remind us that we can all do whatever we want, if we just try.  In 2020, I will focus on growing my business, improving my health, visiting new places, meeting new people and trying some new things! Doesn’t a half-century of life deserve that?


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