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Live Without Limits

What would you accomplish if you had no fear? Would you be able to live without limits? We all have fears – for some of us it may be snakes or spiders, while for others it’s a little more complicated – like the fear of not being accepted or failing in love or business.

Unfortunately many times we never even face our fears. Maybe you haven’t had to (especially if you’ve never come across a snake inside your house like I did!! Yep…that guy was right in the middle of my kitchen floor last summer!) or maybe you just haven’t wanted to face them.


I’d like to believe I’ve faced a few of my fears. After all, I’ve gone zip lining, eaten Chinese food in China, and even quit a well-paying job to start my own business.

But those aren’t my only fears. I’m lucky that I don’t have a fear of flying or public speaking or being in front of a camera. And I recognize those are very real fears for a lot of folks. But I do have fears. Just because I may come across as confident and well-spoken doesn’t mean I’m not afraid. Hear me my friends…I am.

I’m afraid of roller coasters, water sports and fire. I’m afraid of not being good enough. I’m afraid of not having “happily ever after.” And I struggle every day with my fears. Someone called me out on this just recently & asked what I was afraid of….well I didn’t even know where to begin my list!

But just because we have fears doesn’t mean we should allow ourselves to have limitations. When we live without facing our fears, then we live with limits. And that’s unhealthy. So think about what YOU are afraid of, and how you can face it head-on. Maybe you can take a class, seek professional help, or as Nike says “Just Do It.”


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Attitude of Gratitude

With the month of November, we all become a little more sentimental. Maybe it’s the darkness and cold air that bring us inside earlier each night. Maybe it’s missing loved ones who are no longer with us during the holidays. Maybe it’s a certain song on the radio or that special ornament on the tree. Whatever it is, it’s okay to be sentimental.  Just don’t forget to also be THANKFUL!

During this time of year, we all get busy running errands, baking, shopping, decorating, socializing and just “being busy.”  But it is critical that we take a moment to enjoy the “reason for the season” – & this week that means having an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE.

I’ve seen lots of friends posting on Facebook recently all the things they are grateful for this Thanksgiving season. Have you made your list? I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t (until now). Maybe you’re like me, and you just assume your family knows how grateful you are to have them in your life. And what about your customers? They know, right? I mean, they keep you in business, so surely they know you appreciate them…. and your friends….well they know you couldn’t make it without them. But have you TOLD them?

So today I begin by saying THANK YOU to YOU for being a loyal friend, business associate, customer or maybe even a social media acquaintance! Thank you for being a part of Time Out With Tiffany and helping me make my goals and dreams a reality in the coming year.

I am grateful for a God who loves me (in spite of me), for friends who will drive me to the doctor, a warm house to sleep in each night, clean water, pets who are always really happy to see me, sports, social media, fashion, Rotary, those who give back to others, and so many other things.

 Feel free to share what YOU are thankful for – post your comments here or on my Facebook page ( or tweet your comments using #timeoutwithtiffany so I can “retweet” you, & let’s share an Attitude of GRATITUDE this holiday season!

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Great Expectations

When relaying something bad that happened to me over the weekend, one of my friends replied, “What did you expect?”  Since I had a 3 hour drive ahead of me (alone in the car), I took the time to ponder that question…what DID I expect? The  answers may surprise you. Or if you’re an eternal optimist like me, maybe not.

I expect my friends to tell me the truth, even when it hurts. For my car to start every morning and the sun to come up again tomorrow, no matter how bad today was. To always have a bottle of Reisling in my fridge and for people to say what they mean & mean what they say.

I expect people to be faithful to their spouses, love God & their country, and the Cubs to win a World Series in my lifetime. I expect my brother to make fun of me every time I see him & for the Gamecocks to someday win a national championship in football.  I expect gas prices to fall back under $3 a gallon and Kevin Costner to someday look his age in a sports movie. To see Hawaii in person. To visit all 7 continents. And before I take my last breath, to fall in love again and live happily ever after.

I expect Facebook to not always be free. To find a man who appreciates my passion for fashion as much as my passion for sports. To get ahead by working hard and playing harder. To have my parents with me forever.

So you see how these are some “great expectations” that perhaps everyone doesn’t share with me. But you believe in some of these, right? And you have your own, too? Right? Maybe? Kinda? Just a little…….?


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New “Month” Resolutions

If you’re like most people, every January it’s the same old story…you make “New Year’s Resolutions” & vow to do things like lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more, drink less, etc. Maybe you even get a little creative and resolve to pay off a debt, start recycling, go back to school, get a better job, or just be nicer to your neighbors. No matter what your resolution is, chances are you probably never actually accomplish it.

That’s why I changed my approach to “New Year’s Resolutions” a few years ago, and now I focus on “New Month Resolutions” instead. After all, why do you think most people don’t achieve their resolution goals? Because we give up after a few weeks when it has become inconvenient, difficult, or maybe even impossible, to accomplish the original goal.

So now I work on twelve different goals each year: some simple…like reconnecting with old friends (January) or organizing my receipts & getting my taxes done (March), and some more difficult…like updating my resume (February) or getting ready for swimsuit season (April). But no matter what the goal is, it’s a little bit easier knowing I only have to concentrate on one thing at a time. And once I accomplish the goal, it’s easier to make the action a routine or a habit.

I haven’t quite finished getting my tax receipts to the CPA (I still have 10 days left this month!!), but I am doing better at keeping up with old friends. I took some great trips with old friends in January and have sent several cards & made a few phone calls to others recently. Now it’s highly possible that the April resolution may get moved to May (after all, the pool doesn’t open till Memorial Day anyway…what’s the rush, right?), but if so, I’m sure I’ll come up with something else to accomplish next month.  And now that it’s in writing (by the way, starting a blog was also one of my resolutions for March), I’m giving you permission to hold me accountable for the next 8 months!

If you’re one of those who can set a New Year’s Resolution and make it work for twelve months, congratulations! Let me know how you do it. And if you can’t, try a New Month Resolution in April, and let me know how that works out too!

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Famous Last Words

Have you ever thought about the last conversation you had with someone you loved? Did you gossip together? Did you argue? Did you rush through your conversation? Did you say “I love you?”

Unless you never had another chance to speak to that person, you may not remember the answers to these questions,. If you were fortunate enough to have a chance to say “goodbye” to a loved one, then you probably do remember your last talk. But if you lost someone suddenly, you may not.

It’s been almost 10 years since the sudden, unexpected death of my older sister. I barely remember our last conversation – it was “generic” at best. I’ve re-lived my conversations with her and others  who have passed suddenly, but it’s always the same… “What was the last thing we said?”

I was reminded of this last week when a friend died suddenly and I perused through her recent Facebook postings. There were no “re-post this if you agree…” or “my boss gets on my nerves” or “I have a headache” posts. Instead, there was a YouTube video of “How Great Thou Art” by Carrie Underwood and loving photos of her first grandchild, only a few months old.

Just as we should all pay more attention to our conversations with those we love, we should also think twice before we post on Facebook or Twitter…what if this is the last thing people hear from me? Is this how I want to be remembered?

What will YOUR “famous last words” be? They may not go down in history as a quote from someone famous, but they just might be something a loved one can hold on to for a lifetime.

With my sister, Cathy, the night I was crowned Miss Greenville)



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