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Be a “Go-Giver” #40DaysOfGiving

My entire life has been spent as a “go-getter” – climbing a professional or social ladder, working to close the next sale or charitable gift, working on the next goal or accomplishment…and I’ve always been praised for it. And most of the time I’ve even been proud of it.

But a dear friend gave me a book recently, “The Go-Giver” and I realized that what I desire to be is actually a “go-giver.” Don’t misunderstand…I’ve done some nice things along the way on this path I call life, but I’ve spent years trying to prove myself in the corporate world and always trying to please others.  I’ve finally realized it’s not about pleasing others. It’s only about pleasing God.

By being a “go-giver” rather than a “go-getter,” I am doing my part to make the world a better placego giver. My involvement with Rotary is certainly the most obvious way I give back. But not everyone is a “joiner” or part of a 1.2 million member worldwide network (and quite honestly, if you’ve heard me speak, you know I don’t believe everyone should be in Rotary…but that’s another story). But there are literally millions of ways to give back.

During this season of Lent, practice being a “go-giver” – do something nice for someone who needs it…a friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker – or even a stranger. I am certain you’ll be “pleased” with how great it makes you feel to do for others.

This past week I had the opportunity to take a free vacation with friends and business associates. I worked hard to earn the trip, as did everyone else who went, and it was nice to get away. But I am reminded of how many “go-givers” were on this trip with me…the friend who bought me dinner in the airport for no apparent reason (“because I want to,” she said)…the friends who picked me up before sunrise and let me ride with them to the airport so I didn’t have to go alone…friends who went above and beyond for no reason other than because they could!

I’m blessed to have so many “go-givers” in my life. I know you are too! I’ll admit I haven’t started reading the book yet (I’m almost finished with another and this one is next), but I’m already intrigued and looking forward to it.

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Attitude of Gratitude

With the month of November, we all become a little more sentimental. Maybe it’s the darkness and cold air that bring us inside earlier each night. Maybe it’s missing loved ones who are no longer with us during the holidays. Maybe it’s a certain song on the radio or that special ornament on the tree. Whatever it is, it’s okay to be sentimental.  Just don’t forget to also be THANKFUL!

During this time of year, we all get busy running errands, baking, shopping, decorating, socializing and just “being busy.”  But it is critical that we take a moment to enjoy the “reason for the season” – & this week that means having an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE.

I’ve seen lots of friends posting on Facebook recently all the things they are grateful for this Thanksgiving season. Have you made your list? I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t (until now). Maybe you’re like me, and you just assume your family knows how grateful you are to have them in your life. And what about your customers? They know, right? I mean, they keep you in business, so surely they know you appreciate them…. and your friends….well they know you couldn’t make it without them. But have you TOLD them?

So today I begin by saying THANK YOU to YOU for being a loyal friend, business associate, customer or maybe even a social media acquaintance! Thank you for being a part of Time Out With Tiffany and helping me make my goals and dreams a reality in the coming year.

I am grateful for a God who loves me (in spite of me), for friends who will drive me to the doctor, a warm house to sleep in each night, clean water, pets who are always really happy to see me, sports, social media, fashion, Rotary, those who give back to others, and so many other things.

 Feel free to share what YOU are thankful for – post your comments here or on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/tiffanyervinofficial) or tweet your comments using #timeoutwithtiffany so I can “retweet” you, & let’s share an Attitude of GRATITUDE this holiday season!

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