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Can’t get around to it?? Now you can!

Don’t you hate it when you arrive a few (or maybe more than a few) minutes late & are greeted with, “Did you get lost?” – & of course the one waiting on you knows full well you didn’t because you’ve been there a hundred times before…I hate that saying almost as much as “Were you raised in a barn?” that you hear when you accidentally leave a door open.

Oh, you don’t hate that? I guess it doesn’t happen to you as much as it does to me…oops! Well I figured by now you’ve decided I must have “fallen off the face of the earth,” (another one of my favorite Southern sayings) since you haven’t heard from me in about 2 months.

OH MY has it been two months since I sent out a Time Out With Tiffany email or posted a blog? Yep, it has.   Because I just couldn’t get AROUND TO IT!   How many times have you used that saying? I used it alot growing up, until one time when my Daddy gave me a gift…a very special gift that I never forgot… A ROUND TUIT.

Just like this one…

round tuit
After that, I could never again use the excuse “I didn’t get around to it…” because I would be reminded I DID get A ROUND TUIT.

So I’m here admitting I messed up…hey, it’s not the first time & it won’t be the last. But I promise to keep trying – if you will promise to do the same. What is it in your life you keep SAYING you’re going to do, but you never “get around to it” because of work, kids, church, Rotary, just because of LIFE!?

Well good news, you just got A ROUND TUIT… so let it remind you that life happens, but you CAN get A ROUND TUIT & accomplish anything your heart desires!

See you in your in-box!

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