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The Day After…

As an event planner for nonprofits and small businesses, I often find myself a little sad the day after a big event. (Don’t misunderstand, I also find myself exhausted as well…) But there’s that small part of me that wishes it wasn’t yet over.

Christmas is like that too…there’s the shopping, the decorating, the cooking, the wrapping, the planning, the traveling and the visiting. Then there’s the quiet when in the house when everyone has gone home, the leftovers are in the fridge and you get to sit down and rest your feet. The hustle and bustle is over. Reality sets in (like 12 loads of dishes going non-stop for the next few days), and it’s time to go back to work.

2016-12-25-18-34-27As exhausted as you are (Abby included), when it’s over, you still long for that excitement just a little bit longer. One more laugh from one of the little ones…one more smile from one of the older ones…the twinkle of lights on the tree…one more memory that can never be duplicated and can never fade away.

On this day after Christmas, as I head back to work reflecting on the amazing memories I made with family and friends this past week (and year), I am reminded that it doesn’t have to be a holiday to spend time with those you love. The excitement and merriment that is Christmas can be every day. If only you will let it be.

That is my wish for this coming year – for me and for you. That “the day after” is always as memorable as the day before.

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It’s Just A Little Turbulence

Turbulence is, by definition, a violent commotion or disorder. We routinely associate turbulence with air travel. It affects different people different ways. Some may not even notice it. Some may become frightened or even ill when they experience turbulence. No doubt when it happens, someone on a microphone or in the seat next to you reminds you “it’s just turbulence…don’t worry!”

I was thinking about turbulence yesterday when I dealt with a “not-so-polite” customer (that’s my way of being polite in describing her). I must admit, I was proud of myself for the way I handled the situation, and I’m not ashamed to admit that.

You see, at one time (not so long ago), I most likely (ok, definitely) would have responded to an unreasonable person with my own outrage, impatience and “war of words” if you will. But this time, I didn’t.

Apparently, my conscious effort to tolerate situations that are truly intolerable is actually working. Apparently, in my “middle age” I’m finally developing more acceptance of situations I cannot control or influence.

Let’s be clear. I will not be a doormat and I certainly don’t condone passivity when it comes to defending yourself, your beliefs or your actions. I will not allow someone to abuse me (verbally or otherwise) or a situation that I’m part of. But in the same respect, appareron white can't fix stupidntly after turning forty “something” I have finally “got it” – you can’t fix stupid!

So this is how I choose to address the turbulence in my life these days. With grace and poise, not anger, frustration, worry or rebellion. And there’s plenty of turbulence these days. But that’s another story for another day…

How will you handle the turbulence that shows up unexpectedly in your life today? Or tomorrow? Or next week? It’s your choice.

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