A Mother’s Love

Here in the US, we recognize the second Sunday in May as “Mother’s Day.” It’s celebrated in hundreds of different ways, and of course last year differently than ever before. Hopefully many of you were able to spend time with your mother in person this year. And if you don’t have your mom (like my brother and me), or if you aren’t yet able to see her in person, I hope you were able to recall fond memories of time spent together.

I recently learned that more phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year! If you’re interested, you can find more “little known facts” about Mother’s Day here.

For me, I spent the day on the road, but not to Spartanburg as I had in years past. This makes my third Mother’s Day without my mom. But it’s just one day out of the year that I miss our our adventures together, our friendship, and mostly, her unconditional love. I was blessed, as many of you are or were, to have a remarkable mother that maybe never knew just how incredible she was. I’m sure I told her every once in a while, but definitely not every day or nearly as much as she deserved.

Interesting that last week we also celebrated Nurses Week & Teacher Appreciation Week. Talk about a grand slam of folks who understand what it means to be a nurturer and positive influence… WOW!

I never had children of my own, but I dearly love all my nieces and nephews (and great nieces and great nephews!) and would like to think I’ve had a small part in raising them (still do….the oldest is 40 but the youngest is 3!). Whether or not we are mothers or parents or teachers or nurses…I still believe we are all of the same race-the human one. And we can all have influence over those who may not seek it but definitely need it.

To all my many “adopted mothers” out there – and you know who you are – thank you for your influence on me still today. I’m grateful for the love and friendship of so many positive women of action.

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