Presence Over Presents

Many of you already know this, but some of you may not follow me on social media to see all the photos, so thought I would share it here! You see, I have something called OCD – Obsessive Christmas Disorder!
That’s right – I LOVE the Christmas holiday..for many reasons. There is the obvious one-the real reason for the season. But there’s also other reasons. A couple years ago some friends and I decided to stop buying gifts for each other and instead we put together “experiences” – we’re making memories with each other that are more valuable than presents. We choose “presence” over “presents.” Best decision we ever made.

Additionally, this time of year I spend countless hours decorating my house with various themed trees (10 this year!) because it brings me joy. And my nieces and nephews can’t wait to explore the house to see what’s new each year.
But most importantly, every year on Christmas Eve I host lunch for about 30 people at my house. Children of all ages and food of all kinds. It’s a complete madhouse and I love it! I hope you have plans with your family and friends this coming week. Traditions new or old, they are priceless.

How would your family and friends react to the idea of giving “presence over presents?”

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