The View Is Better From The High Road

When somebody does you wrong or hurts your feelings, it’s easy to respond in anger or even feel the need to retaliate. But you’ve probably been told more than once to “take the high road.”

Even though you may not have done anything wrong, someone has to take the blame, right? And when that happens, it may not be fair, but it’s just a way of life.

When faced with this difficult situation, do you “take the high road” or do you seek revenge and retribution? While our initial instinct is almost always to swiftly respond to a challenge, especially whentake the high road.jpg we feel the need to be defensive, it is often best to just walk away and let the situation resolve itself.

There have been way too many stories recently of disagreements that escalated into violence. Even when that isn’t the case, words can be used as a weapon too. Once spoken, you can’t take them back. Taking the high road is a sign of strength, confidence and leadership. It doesn’t mean you are a doormat, it means you are thoughtful and non-judgmental. Couldn’t we all use a little more of that in our lives these days?

So even if for a brief moment, consider taking the high road next time you are in this difficult position. You might be surprised how much better the view is from there.


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