Allergic to Average (part 2)


In any form of competition, the goal is always to win. Be the victor. Take home the gold (ok, ok…I promise…LAST Olympics reference!!!) or the crown (sorry I can’t promise that’s the last pageant metaphor yet). Be the best. Place first.

You get it…we all want to win. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Do your best!”

I’m guessing you’ve never heard someone say, “Go out there and be average!” Of course not. Average doesn’t win a game. Average doesn’t make a sale. Average doesn’t get you a raise.

We most always try our hardest and do our best if there’s a prize at the end. A reward. But what about in our everyday routines? Is average really good enough or should we always strive for excellence?

I’ve said it before – be allergic to average – in your job, your relationships, even your boring household chores. Yes, it’s hard work to strive for excellence when you hate cleaning the house or mowing the lawn. It’s really hard to be better than average at work if you hate your job.

But by setting a goal to strive for excellence – to be allergic to average – you’re pushing yourself one step closer to greatness and fulfillment. So many of you told me that this phrase really “spoke” to you. I loved hearing your stories and being encouraged by your enthusiasm.

Try it this week with one task. Just one.

I’m not asking you to suck up to your mean boss or prepare your house for a photo shoot with Southern Living.

Just be better than before – be allergic to average – and see how your attitude changes (or the attitudes of those around you).

You might decide those intolerable co-workers are a little more fun to be around than you realized. You might find a misplaced treasure in your home or office. You might even catch the eye of someone special who hadn’t noticed you before because you were just “average.”

Pick one thing. One. Thing. Be allergic to average when you work on it this week. And let me know how it goes.

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