Allergic To Average 

Everybody is allergic to something. For some its food, for some its fragrances, some even animals or dust. Me? I’m allergic to penicillin. Or so my parents tell me. I don’t know exactly what happens to me if you give me PCN (I learned the medical abbreviation for it a long time ago – it’s something you have to know when you have to write it on EVERY form you ever complete during your entire life). I understand it was given it me as a toddler and the result wasn’t pretty, so doctors suggested I not have it again. So for 40+ years, I’ve been allergic to penicillin.allergic to average

But now, as an adult, I’ve determined I’m allergic to AVERAGE. I know, I know…no one WANTS to be average – whether its standardized tests, work, even how we speak, dress, write or appear in photographs. (Aren’t you glad there are digital cameras now and we can delete the “below average” pictures and only share the really good ones?) But I digress…

When you complete an online or telephone survey about a recent experience – maybe in a store or a restaurant – you’re often asked to rate the experience above or below average. Those of us who work in the public always strive to be above average. We’re also usually a little more disappointed than most when we don’t get above-average service from others.

So are you like me? Allergic to average? Do you embrace an opportunity to be ABOVE average every single day? Maybe it’s by returning phone calls or emails in a timely manner? (I admit, that’s a hard one for me!) Maybe it’s by going “above and beyond” or sending a hand-written thank you note? Or by “paying it forward” for a stranger or public servant?

Statistics show you’re ten times more likely to have a negative experience than a positive one. I challenge you to help me change that statistic. Have an “above average” experience lately? Tell someone! Write an online review. Mail a thank you note. Reward someone. Share it on social media. (Wouldn’t you prefer to see something positive go viral for a change?) Tell me – I’ll share it for you!

Join me in becoming #AllergicToAverage and seeking those businesses and individuals who always strive to be better today than yesterday.

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