Bronze Ain’t So Bad Either…

As I mentioned before, watching the Olympics is one of my favorite things, and we can easily get caught up in the excitement of our athletes as they “go for the gold” (myself included).

But after I wrote the previous post about it, I started thinking about the other athletes on the podium – those who won the silver or bronze medals – and I decided “bronze ain’t so bad either.” Basically, it’s the equivalent of 2nd Runner-Up in pageant lingo.

Going for the gold (or any goal) is a great idea and certainly should be our aspiration. But what if we win silver, or bronze, or – what if – wait for it… we never stand on the podium to that thunderofailure_25407174410_ous applause and accolades from our peers (or enemies)? Does that make us a loser?

I can’t begin to count the number of times I competed in pageants and walked away with no prize at all. Sometimes I was lucky enough to be a runner-up (like the time I was 1st runner-up to the 1st runner-up at Miss America – but that’s another story…) You have no idea how many times I’ve started a blog, or even worse, a book, only to scratch the whole thing or, God forbid, lose my handwritten notes. (And yes, that happened just last month!) Talk about feeling like a huge loser!!

Of course, we all know that’s ridiculous.

We’re not losers because we fail at something. We’re only losers if we NEVER try. Failure is an important part of success, and failure only comes to those who try!

My point today is that it’s okay to be a runner-up. It’s even okay if you never win anything at all. Just don’t let the hope of “going for the gold” and fear of falling short keep you from going for your goals. Whatever they are, they are important steps to creating your ideal life and your purpose.

I believe I have finally found my purpose in life – to share my personal experiences (both the wins AND the losses) with you, my social community, to help you find YOUR passion.  We’re in this journey together my friends. I can’t do it without you and I appreciate you. Look back on whatever you may have previously looked at as “losses” and think about how they’ve changed you, taught you something, or helped you grow. Wouldn’t that make those experiences wins?


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