It’s Just A Bad Day…

“When somebody has convinced you that you’re not worth anything to anybody anymore, and they spend a lot of time doing it, you start believing it yourself.”

Boy are those words true! In fact, I feel like I could have spoken them myself. But I didn’t. And I bet you’ll be surprised to learn who did…

16-time heavyweight champion Ric Flair, aka the “dirtiest player in the game” was well-known for his extreme cockiness during his career. His celebrity status as a “limousine-ridin’, jet-flyin’, kiss-stealin’, wheelin-dealin’, son-of-a-gun” immediately makes you want to go “WOOOOOO” whenever someone even mentions his name! (And us Gamecock fans start hearing 2001 in our heads too!)

But what you DON’T immediately think of, is someone who faced rejection and struggles just like everyone else.

I’ll admit I came upon this interesting fact about the wrestling superstar by accident (don’t even ask why I was googling Ric Flair…that will come later…much, much later!).  In addition to being a survivor of TWO lightning strikes, Flair was also one of five passengers injured in a twin-engine plane crash in NC in fall of 1975. Despite the fact that he broke his back in three places and was told by doctors he would never wrestle again, Flair was back in the ring a mere four months later. And the rest, of course, is history.

bad-day_25707925275_oIf the legendary “Nature Boy” can admit he doubted his self-worth and struggled with panic attacks during the height of his career, certainly you and I can face our fears, doubts and uncertainties with the same passion. So ignore the naysayers. Turn away from the negativity. Face your future with determination and purpose. Become the champion you are destined to be.

After all, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life! (Click here to tweet this!)

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 *On a side note, I also learned another interesting factoid when researching Ric Flair. For a mere $495, you can receive a “personal phone call” from “The Man” himself. A live five-minute phone call is listed on his website’s shopping page. Hmmmmm…wonder if anyone would pay to talk to me on the phone??


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