Without Wax

There are a lot of ways to hide our mistakes and flaws, some as simple as using an eraser and some as complex as withholding deep secrets from even our closest friends. Many people hide their pain with smiles and laughter so as to appear “fine” in public. And many others make purchases of cars, clothes, jewelry or even food just to mask their insecurities, problems or unhappiness.

It has been said (but not proven) that many years ago, dishonest artists would use wax to cover up or fill in the mistakes in their creations. By filling in defects or holes, they could sell their pottery and sculptures at a higher price. The more reputable merchants, however, would advertise their wares as “without wax” to promote the quality of their work.
To be “without wax” is an ideal virtue – to be open and honest with our flaws without fear of shame or ridicule. But it occurred to me that none of us are without wax. We all have issues, concerns, problems, fears and even flaws that we hide from others. Maybe for a short time. Maybe for a lifetime.

But what if we were confident enough, honest enough, or even loved enough to admit our fears…our skepticism…our mistakes…and unafraid to live life each day without wax. It wouldn’t make us less perfect or less valuable. In fact, I believe it would be the exact opposite.

Let your faith be bigger than your fears. Live without wax.


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July 3, 2016 · 9:02 pm

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